Classic Jaguar Parts and Spares

Jaguar was founded in 1922 as originally the Swallow Car Company, changing its name to Jaguar after the Second World War. From 1968 to 1984 Jaguar was part of British Leyland, it listed on the stock market in 1984, was acquired by Ford in 1990 and then merging with Land Rover. In June 2008 Tata Motors acquired Jaguar for £1.8bn.

Early pre-war Jaguars were called Mark IV, and the Mark V came off the production lines after the war, with the Mark II following in 1951, the Mark 2 in 1957. The XK120 arrived in 1948, the XK140 and XK150 in 1954. The iconic E-type Jaguar hit the roads in 1961 (and ceased production in 1974). The Mark VIII in 1956, the Mark IX an 1958, Mark X in 1961, S-Type in 1963, the XJ in 1968. Further models and improvements continued thereafter (executive, sports and racing cars). The chrome bonnet mascot Jaguar called “The Leaper” was eventually banned in Europe, and later the rest of the world for safety reasons. Further details can be found on

Here is our initial small selection of Classic Jaguar parts, call us if there is anything in particular you need and we don’t have it listed yet:

  • E-Type Jaguar Cooling and Heating System Hose Kits – HK009
  • Classic Jaguar Speedo Angle Drives
  • Classic Jaguar Heater Matrix – various models
  • E-Type Jaguar Fuel Tank Sender Unit – Mk2 / V8
  • Classic Jaguar Steering Parts
  • Classic Jaguar Water Pumps
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